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Volunteer Hours

Please take the time to read the following

in order to avoid any confusions or issues at the end of the school year


As you know, each SKS family is required to volunteer 20 hours each school year.  Everyone is responsible for submitting all of their own volunteer hours, whether earned as time volunteered or earned by donating items.

It is very easy to do and you can upload any receipts you need to include. Please fill out the entire form correctly and be sure to include your “Household ID” in order to avoid any discrepancies. (This is your unique family ID which can be found in the FACTS emails under “Customer ID”, such as “ALV0001”.)

Volunteer hours are earned in many ways, we want to make sure you are aware of all of them. If you attend a meeting for a committee, that time absolutely counts. If you bought something that you donate to the school for a particular event in which we have stated you will earn hours, then you can enter one hour for every $10. So for example if you spent $20 then you can enter 2 hours and attach the receipt. 

For those of you that are participating in a committee, please note that you are responsible for entering any hours earned. Committee chairs are responsible to submit a summary of the event and list who volunteered their time and who donated items. This should be turned in to the volunteer coordinator once event has taken place. But to be clear, committee chairs are not responsible for entering everyone’s hours. They simply have a summary of what everyone has done but this is only to verify any of the information entered by you, as a “back up”. Whether you attend a meeting or buy items that you donate to the event, or volunteer the day of the event, any hours earned need to be submitted by each person earning them.

In order to have an accurate record of hours we need your cooperation. Please submit your hours throughout the year as you earn them. And it’s also a good idea for you to keep track of what you’ve submitted in order to avoid any discrepancies.


If you have any questions or would like information on how you can help, please contact Aileen Suazo at

To view completed hours, please click here
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