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Volunteer Hours

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Service for our school community

Service Hours


The school encourages parental involvement and provides several means of enjoyable experiences to benefit the school and its students.  Every family (not by individual child) is to contribute a minimum of 20 hours annually of community service.  Your valuable time, as well as the time of your spouse, parents, etc., contributed either through Church activities/ministries or directly with the school qualify to satisfy this 20 hour annual requirement. There are new mandatory requirements to volunteer. Please familiarize yourself with them.


For more information on how you can help, contact Aileen Suazo.


Volunteer Forms and Clearance Procedures


In keeping with Archdiocese volunteer rules established for the safety of our children, St. Kevin will require ALL of the following in order to volunteer in any capacity on school premises or in school events, such as class parties, field trips, cafeteria/lunch parents, etc.:

Volunteer Clearance Procedures


Fingerprint Procedures

Virtus Certification


Please understand that these requirements are enforced for the safety of our children. Fingerprints are good for 5 years & a Virtus training course is only required once. 

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